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"Hartas is savvy enough to know when to blow off musical steam and when to bring it down a notch. In his hands, a slide guitar and his heartfelt songs can leave tears in your beers as much as rock your socks off."( Australian Musician Sept 2014 )

"‘Devil’s Groove’ had a lot of angsty energy and rattles along with crunchy guitars." The AU Review (15/02/13). 

“Great songs, awesome energy, I wish I was in your band.” 
David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff (International Mega Legend)

At 12 years of age Dylan Hartas at an Oktoberfest jumped onto a flat bed truck, guitar in hand to jam with a band, a bold move for a young boy. He has never looked back.
Countless bands, tours, highs, lows, handshakes and heartbreaks later Dylan has performed all over from the most remote beer gardens to the biggest festival stages. The weather beaten vocals churn with love and loss, temptations and truths. The guitar jostles between a stark, haunting, steel acoustic and a rocket fuelled, hell-fire red electric slide ride.
He has his band “The Blues Martyrs” (Michael Ward – Drums, Glen Schollum – Bass) that can push the boundaries yet contain indulgence , they possess the depth and experience to put the songs first and then to float like a feather or swing like a wrecking ball.
The recently released album “Devil’s Groove” is currently being played on Australian and English radio whilst selling across Australia, Europe and even Brazil, no small feat for an independent artist.
Dylan is calling on you to get it off your chest and let the good times roll. The influences of early blues masters and the devil may care attitude of the great rock bands are evident however this is not sentimentality for a musical tradition past it’s used by date or the conformity and compromise of the modern mainstream.
 This is create not imitate.