New music - THE WAY WE PLAY - Sampler

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The new album "THE WAY WE PLAY" is available to BUY  right now. 

Available in the usual formats, digital download and on CD. Dylan is thrilled to offer this album on VINYL. Seeing the stark, galvanized cover photography, printed from old 70's slide film, in a glossy 12 inch LP gatefold is in itself reward enough. The warmth of VINYL captures the old school independent spirit in which the tracks were recorded. Long time compadres Michael Ward - Drums, Glen Schollum - Bass and Michael Lynch tweaking the dials, conspiring in a room, true to the songs avoiding the cookie cutter, creating music.

The irony of the album title is not lost on Dylan. “Playing” it seems, is about the last thing people are able to do during these blurred, pandemic days. Recorded before lock downs and social distancing became the new abnormal, these songs hint of the good times, freedoms and hope for change that we often take for granted and in their darker moments ….... well the song “tipping point” seems almost prophetic. The good life, the struggle, the bleeding obvious to the murky. This album is a blender. Whether it's the boot stompin' title track, the rocket fueled "off my face", the intimately bleak "true love" or the 70's sleaze of "dirty mind" this album covers ample ground as it hurtles with psychedelic abandon on it's POST-BLUES ROCK ride.