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  1. Devil's Groove

From the album Devil's Groove

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My brain’s like a tennis ball at the end of a rope
It’s been chewed by a dog and getting caught in his throat
My heart’s like a wrecking ball at the end of it’s chain
Being smashed through the walls it just don’t feel no pain

Jesus left town
He won’t come back down
The spider’s moving
The devil
Is Grooving

My temper’s moodier than a hurricane
Up down high low fast slow and back again
My soul’s like a bird trapped in a cage
Keep singing those sweet little songs
Trying to hide the rage


My nerves are jumpier that a frog in France
Too late, got a date, hot plate, do the legless dance
My glass is half full but my brain is half empty
I never can get enough in the land of plenty